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13d Rythms of I-sarn Vol.1

Music from the Northeast of Thailand
  • 13d Rythms of I-sarn Vol.1

Off Beat Siam is an ambitious album; the styles of music played in the songs range from traditional to jazz-funk, jazz to hip-hop and salsa. Khun-In’s ranat features throughout, taking the lead, accompanying or just trilling in the background. …. an amazing range of styles to play on one album…..
John Clewley -
The Bangkok Post (06 June, 2008)

CD tracklist
เซิ้งกลองยาวอีสานประยุกต์ • Serng Klong Yao I-Sarn Prayuk
อีสานลำเพลิน สามหมอลำผู้ยิ่งใหญ่ • I-Sarn Lum Phern Sam Mor Lum Phoo Ying Yai
ลายใหญ่ Lai Yai
หมาเห่ากับแคน Mah Hauw Gap Kaen
อาไย เอกแครง Ayai Ekreng
ตรู Drue
เซิ้งโปงลางเมดเล่ย์ • Serng Ponglang Medley
ลาย กาเต้นก้อน • Lai Garden Gorn
ลำเต้ย เกี้ยวสาว Lum Toey Kiaw Sao
เดี่ยวปี่ภูไท Diauw Phee Phoo Thai
ลายภูไท • Phoo Thai
ต้อนวัวขึ้นภู • Donn Hwua Kuen Phoo
________Total playing time: 60:10

Rhythms of Isarn Vol 1
Music from the Northeast of Thailand

Masters of I-sarn
Chalard Songserm, male voice
Mukda Songserm, female voice
Sombat Simlar, kaen, talking
Thongsai Tubtanon, pin, percussion
Tinnakorn Attapaiboon, wod, various percussion
Thongchai Samsri, male voice (Drue), sor guntruem (trua klang & lek)
Sayan Tonglamul, ponglang, klong yao, various percussion
Sayan Butworn, pin, phee pood thai, ponglang, klong yao, percussion

Executive Producer: Hucky Eichelmann for AMI Records

Rhythms of I-sarn Vol.1 is part of a series of CDs featuring the Best of Thai Classical and Folk music from the Northern, the Central and the I-sarn regions. Applying a special recording and mixing technique the series focuses on making Thai music more accessible to the untrained, and especially to the Western ear. For this album album Thailand's foremost artists have been invited to contribute their outstanding artistry and knowledge. Besides the captivating rhythms of the ever cheerful I-sarn music, these great masters present a fascinating range of sounds of the Northeastern region, some of them rarely recorded before.

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Rythms of I-sarn Vol.1 - Audio CD

AMI CD 2008-17

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