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12d Off Beat Siam

Thai Contemporary Fusion
  • 12d Off Beat Siam

Off Beat Siam is an ambitious album; the styles of music played in the songs range from traditional to jazz-funk, jazz to hip-hop and salsa. Khun-In’s ranat features throughout, taking the lead, accompanying or just trilling in the background. …. an amazing range of styles to play on one album…..
John Clewley -
The Bangkok Post (06 June, 2008)

CD tracklist
1 โหมโรงจีนตอกไม • Hom Rong Chine Dok Mai
2 ค้างคาวกินกล้วย • Khang Khao Kin Kluay
3 My Little Suede Shoes
4 เขมรไล่ควาย • Khamen Lai Kwai
5 Siam Beat
6 บัวตูมบัวบาน • Bua Duhm Bua Barn
7 ยสลัม • Yo Salam
8 ลาวดวงเดือน • Lao Duang Duen
9 แขกบรเทศเถา • Khaek Borathed Thao
10 นักเลงระนาด • Nakleng Ranad
________Total playing time: 50:10

KHUN-IN To-Sa-nga - Off Beat Siam
Contemporary Thai Fusion

Khun-In To Sa-nga • Ranad (Thai Xylophone)
Pattaya Yusathit • Keyboard
Teeradej Hoonsanong • Electric Guitar
Weerawong Wanvijit • Bass
Jirawat Sang-anant • Jazz Drum
Nattawut Leekul, • Percussion

Executive Producer: Hucky Eichelmann for AMI Records

Ranad virtuoso Khun-in To-Sa-nga’s masterly interweaving of Thai Classical music with Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Rock and various Latin styles along with his legendary and spectacular instrumental skills present a true world class musical experience and uplift Thai music into the cosmopolitan sphere. OFF BEAT SIAM features five instrumental pieces and five songs featuring different singers in a variety of languages and styes. An absolute MUST for everyone who loves both, Thai music and contemporary world beat.

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Khun-In - Off Beat Siam - Audio CD

AMI CD 2008-16

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