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11d The Spirit of Lanna

Music from the North of Thailand
  • 11d The Spirit of Lanna

The delightful dreamy album is a welcome addition to recordings from the North. The sound quality on the the album is first-class, and the liner notes, unusual for a locally produced album on traditional Thai music, are interesting and informative. John Clewley - The Bangkok Post (06 June, 2008)

CD tracklist
เชียงแสนหลวง • Chiang Saen Luang
ล่องแม่ปิง • Long Mae Ping
ค้างคาวกินกล้วย/เขมรไล่ควาย • Khang Khao Kin Kluay / Khamen Lai Kwai
พ่อคร Por Khru
ปี่มด • Pee Mot
มอญลำปาง Mon Lampang
ตั้งเชียงใหม่ Tang Chiangmai
ลาวดวงเดือน Lao Duangduen
กุหลาบเชียงใหม • Kulap Chiangmai
10  Low Peejum Solo
ขะมุกินน้ำมะพร้าว •  Khamu Kin Nam Maprao
สับปิ้น •  Subpin
ม้วนใจ •  Muan Chai
สร้อยเวียงพิงค •  Soi Wiang Phing
ไต •  Tai
ถวิลหา •  Thawin Ha ________Total playing time: 65:46

The Spirit Of Lanna
Music from the North of Thailand

LAI MUANG Ensemble Somboon Kawichai (Khru Boy Peejum, Salaw, Pin Pia
Wiboon Fangngueng • Sueng, Percussion, Vocals
Samai Sathatha • Salaw, Peejum, Percussion
Thewin Thatum Percussion, Prakorn Siriprasert: Peejum, Klui, Salaw
Nattawut Butta • Sueng, Percussion
Niwat Saenpichai • Percussion

Executive Producer: Hucky Eichelmann for AMI Records

Thai music is often regarded as difficult to access to the untrained, and especially to the Western ear. The recording and mixing techniques applied in this album focus on making Thai music an "Easy Listening" experience for all. It is hoped that this approach along with the chosen variety of Northern Classical and Folk music styles will enable more people to enjoy the beauty of this fine art form.

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The Spirit of Lanna - Audio CD

AMI CD 2008-15

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