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5d With Love from Asia

Great selection of Asia‘s most loved melodies
  • 5d With Love from Asia

The timeless album that you can listen to anytime…Through his classical guitar playing Hucky takes us to a new frontier that we have never been before.
Hi-fi Stereo magazine (January 2003)

… truly enchanting arrangements of Asia’s best-loved melodies. Hucky’s output bridges the cultures of the East and the West and blends classical sounds with those heard in folk, mixing the serious with the popular.
The Bangkok Post - Realtime (15 September, 2000)

CD tracklist
With Love from Asia
The Naiharn Rip-Off
Adai-Adai & Naindong
Kapilas na Giting
Hilltribe Party
The Japanese Song of Knight Tsusuki
Ping Jue
Four Kayakum Songs
Rak Risya
Dance of the Golden Snake
Bengawan Solo
Love Song No. 2
Count on me Singapore ________Total playing time: 61:03

With Love From Asia
Great selection of Asia’s favourite melodies
Recorded, edited and published by Hucky Eichelmann, guitar

Executive Producer: Hucky Eichelmann for AMI Records

The album offers enchanting arrangements of Asia’s most loved melodies, performed in a truly Asian spirit. The album includes Sakura, Arirang, Count on me Singapore, Bengawan Solo, Rak Riya, Anak, Hucky’s mind blowing rendition disco guitar solo The Naiharn Rip-Off, Hucky’s own romance “With Love from Asia” and Nop Sothibadhu’s legendary I-sarn Variations.
In the words of GRAMMY AWARD winning pianist
George Winston - “Hucky is a great guitarist, arranger, interpreter and composer. I really love his Asia album. He looks deeply into the soul of many cultures. He is truly a world citizen musically and plays with great heart and soul.”
Sound Engineer: John Herbert, Lion Studios, Singapore

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With Love from Asia - Audio CD

AMI CD 2000-02

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