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9e Finger Works

Your key to developing a complete guitar technique
  • 9e Finger Works


1 Repeated Notes
2 Scales
3 Elasticity
4 Arpeggios
5 Slurs
6 Voicing
7 Position Changes
8 Chord Strokes
9 Interval Scales
10 Tremolo
11 Bars

Hucky Eichelmann FINGER WORKS
Your key to developing a complete guitar technique
For beginner, intermediate and professional guitarists

Sheet Music Book: 24 pages, tablature

“Everybody loves to play the guitar but does anybody really love to practice? I haven’t met many people who could convince me that they did. And yet we all know that if we want to develop a solid finger technique to realize our musical ambitions and ideas then we MUST practice. This book gives you a concise method to achieve the best results within minimum time and effort” says Hucky.

FINGER WORKS is a minimal and transparent yet comprehensive compilation of all possible finger movements possible on the classical guitar. With strong focus on such topics as rhythm and voicing, this method aims to help develop a musical rather than an abstract mechanical guitar technique.

Finger Works - Sheet Music Book (tabulature)

AMI Book 2010-22

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