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7c Silk and Bamboo

Music of Serenity
  • 7c Silk and Bamboo
  • 7c Silk and Bamboo

The good recording makes this album consistent and balanced with excellent sound quality across all tracks. You can hear excellent deep bass tones as best as can be achieved from listening to an LP.
Dr. Krairerk Sintavanuruk M.D., Audiophile Magazine (August 2017)

In Silk and Bamboo, the silken sound of Eichelmann’s guitar blends beautifully with the exotic and sensual sounds created by Harvey’s collection of 12 instruments from all over the world.
Although there is only two people playing, the music in the whole album has a greater feel. the two musician intended to make it to sound more like an orchestra or sitting in a cathedral, to create an interesting ‘landscape of sounds’.
The Bangkok Post (05 January, 2001)

VINYL tracklist
Side A
Llaki Shungulla 
Parting at Yang Guan 
Il Lamento di Tristano/Rota 
________Total playing time: 23:16
Side B
The Lark in the clear air 
The Coulin 
Hujia Variations  
________Total playing time: 23:10

Silk and Bamboo
HUCKY & HARVEY .... the amazing two man orchestra

Hucky Eichelman: Guitar
Richard Harvey: Xiao, Bansri, Panpipes, Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet, Mandolin, Psaltery, Recorders, Irish Whistles, Bawu, Percussion
Executive Producer: Hucky Eichelmann for AMI Records

Classical guitarist Hucky Eichelmann has never been on better form and the silken sounds of his guitar blend beautifully with Harvey’s large array of Bamboo flutes, pan pipes, Irish whistles and ocarinas. This collection of the two vastly experienced performers emphasises the serenity of music and how, across centuries and nations music can create calmness and evoke the beauty of nature. From Ecuador to Korea and spanning 6 centuries Silk and Bamboo is a fitting collaboration for Hucky and Harvey, who between them have made music with Ravi Shankar, Sir Paul McCartney, John Williams and Elvis Costello. Prepare yourself for beautiful music, brilliantly played and perfectly recorded.

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Silk and Bamboo - Vinyl Test Pressing

AMI LP 2015-08 TP

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