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6c Gamgah Gamgah

Virtuoso Asian Guitar Music
  • 6c Gamgah Gamgah
  • 6c Gamgah Gamgah

Hucky’s amazing virtuoso guitar technique is brilliant. His expressiv playing demonstrates the highest-level of refinement and mastery. This album is a truly magnificent reference recording of classical guitar playing! (I bought CD and LP - the sound from LP was much better).
Dr. Krairerk Sintavanuruk M.D., Audiophile Magazine (August 2017)

The Best of the Best for anyone who loves Asian sounding albums. Performed by one of the world’s superb guitarists…sound quality is clear and excellent…Hucky’s performance is top class. GM2000 Magazine (June 2003)

This album offers unlimited enjoyment, taking listeners on a mesmerizing musical journey performed by one of the world’s leading musician.
Music Talk magazine (June 2003)

This is a (Audiophile) re-mastered work. For fans of guitar music, a must-have.
The Bangkok Post (18 April, 2003)

A blend of East and West
“Gumgah Gumgah” is a perfect blend of the best elements in two cultures, German and Thai, where precision, exactness and high technology exist with gentleness and the joy of life-and nicely, too. The NATION (04 May, 1986) about the original recording

VINYL tracklist
Side A
Two Fragments from Chao Phya 
The Tears of Master Shen Yen Lu 
Kaek Chau Senn
________Total playing time: 42:42
Side B
Kapilas na Giting  
Prelude et Movements des Cordes 
________Total playing time: 42:42

Gamgah Gamgah
Virtuoso Asian Guitar Music
Recorded, edited and published by Hucky Eichelmann, guitar

Executive Producer: Hucky Eichelmann for AMI Records

Superb collection of Asian world guitar music. This legendary recording as an AUDIOPHILE re-mastered CD incorporating 24 bit processing & various noise reduction algorhythms with all the dynamics and ambience of the original 1984 recording preserved.
Sound Engineer: Dr. Benjamin Bernfeld, Harmonia Mundi

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Gamgah Gamgah - Vinyl Test Pressing

AMI LP 2015-01 TP

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