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16g Silk and Bamboo Thailand LIVE Tours

The amazing two men orchestra... & Friends
  • 16g Silk and Bamboo Thailand LIVE Tours

Hucky really shows of his chops on the Thai song I-sarn. Meanwhile, Harvey, who seems to be able to blow, bow, pluck and beat a tune on anything remotely resembling an instrument, provided a dazzling variety of sound and melodies in accompanying his partner.
The DVD is a must for fans of Hucky’s music.
John Clewley -
The Bangkok Post (30 September, 2005)

The Hucky & Harvey Band

HUCKY Eichelmann guitar, percussion
Richard HARVEY ocarina (xun), bansri, panpipes, clarinet, mandolin, ukulele, klui, xylophone recorders, flute, dulcimer, wode, irish whistles, bawu, percussion
MAURICIO VENEGAS voice, charango, panpipes, guitar, percussion
RACHEL PANTIN violin, harp
Executive Producers: Hucky & Harvey for AMI Records

This extraordinairy DVD contains two concerts with spectacular LIVE performances by HUCKY & HARVEY and the The HUCKY & HARVEY Band, featuring Chile's foremost multi-instrumentalist, singer & songwriter MAURICIO VENEGAS plus British violinist/harpist RACHEL PANTIN as guests. Both concerts present a wonderful selection of music from all over the world displaying an enormous scale of variety and versatility of both, the artists and their instruments.

Hucky & Harvey Thailand Tour
1. Three Branles de Village 2. La Nevada 3. El Lapis 4. Sur Tierra 5. Lads of Alnwick 6. Duende 7. Fisherman 8. Rumba Catalan 9. Del Solar 10. Llaki Shungulla 11. Ventolera 12. Nancy

Hucky & Harvey Silk & Bamboo Tour
1. Juliette 2. Il Lamento di Tristano/Rota 3. Wat zal 4. I-saan 5. Arirang 6. Corfu & Santorini 7. Paddy & Friends 8. Yang Guan Song 9. The Lark in the Clear Air 10. Lai Richard - Lai Hucky 11. Four Rags 12. Nancy


AMI DVD 2005-10

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